Strike Force Kitty 2

    Strike force kitty 2 is an action game developed by Deqaf Studio. It is a very cute game which is suitable for everybody, even children. If you like actions games, but don’t like games that are too violent, this game is what you are waiting for.

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    In the game, you play as four kittens who have to fight to protect their empires. Their empire is in aggression by a cohort of foxes. The king of the empire makes the kitten soldiers go to find the foxes and defeat them to protect all the residents. There are so many levels that you have to get through to go to the end. In each level, you have to fight against the foxes standing along your way to hinder you. After the enemies are defeated, you can grab their clothes and weapons to equip your kitten soldiers, so that they become stronger.The higher the level is, the more enemies are there to hinder you. So, you have to beat all the enemies in the low levels to grab as many as you can.


    Not only by grabbing clothes or weapons from the enemies that you can make your kitten soldiers stronger. You can bring them into training room. There, you have to make them train very hard to become stronger, so that they can easily defeat the foxes. In the training room, there are three kind of training method that your kitten soldiers have to practice, each of them are good for each skill of the kitten soldiers. One improves the strength, which means the kittens can live longer. Another improves the fighting skills, which means the kitten soldiers become stronger in battles versus foxes. The last one improves the kittens’ speed, which means the kittens can run faster.


    As you know, there is the original version of this game named Strike force kitty. Generally, the two versions have the same controls, but the rules are different. In the first version, the way to find the princess is a long path. It isn’t divided into levels as this version. You have to raise the kitten soldiers so that they can go to the finish point. However, in this version, there are many levels for you to get through and the power of the kitten soldier is endless. The game end only when the all kittens are beaten.

    If you love lovely animals like kittens, his game is a great choice for you. Are you ready to protect the empire?

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